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Contemporary Mandarin Drama

Angel's Dream

Duration: 15 episodes

Ann is a young businesswoman who is accused of murdering her husband. However she has no recollection of the incident after suffering from amnesia. Upon release from the prison, she got to know Bond, an architect with suicidal inclination. Together with Bond's help, Ann decides to unearth the mystery behind her husband's murder case.

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As You Like It

Duration: 13 episodes

In this drama, expect to see a gorgeous-looking cast portraying adults in their late twenties and their views on sex, one-night stands, marriage responsibility and career. James (Ix Shen) is a carefree soul who ditches his high-paying but boring job to work in a beach pub in Sentosa. He refuses to be burdened with responsibility even after his one night with Elyn (Cheng Di), a divorcee. Pier (Tay Ping Hui) is a playboy who does not commit himself to any girl. His latest squeeze is Haze (Lynn Poh). While Haze is head-over-heels in love with Pier, she is offended when he suggests that she sleep over at his place. Haze's refusal reminds him of the importance of love over sex. Then there is Ben (Lin Yi Sheng), whose wife feels that she has sacrificed too much for the marriage and intends to return to the workforce despite his objections.

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Baby Boom

Duration: 20x60mins

Following their collaboration in Unbeatables III, Zoe Tay and Li Nanxing will once again play a married couple in this melodrama about middle-age yuppie couples who rather pursue stylish and quality lifestyle than to start a family. The drama also traces the birth of the quartet to their school years and looks at how working parents cope with children.

Both Tim (played by Li Nanxing) and Kim (played Zoe Tay) are successful in their careers and see having a child as a burden to climbing up the corporate ladder. However, during their 38th birthday celebration, it dawns on them that they no longer share common topics with their friends and relatives. They then decide to start a family. Their decision to have a child thrills their parents who have been longing for a grandchild. A visit to the doctor reveals that Kim is expecting not one, not two but four babies! The thought of having 4 kids at a go proves too much for Tim and Kim who then decide to keep to their one child policy. But an argument soon erupts because they cannot agree on whether to keep the boy or the girl and their parents are against abortion. Having four kids mean a change in lifestyle such as giving up their 2-seater sports car for a 7-seater MPV. Will Tim and Kim get use to their new lifestyle and cope with parenthood?

Baby Boom also stars Michelle Saram of Meteor Gardens II and Gurmit Singh of the award winning sitcom, Phua Chu Kang, in his first Mandarin speaking role. Gurmit plays the flirtatious Benny whose wife (played by Pan Lingling) walks out on him after she catches him with another woman.

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Beautiful Connection

Duration: 20x60mins

Beautiful connection begins with the lives of a single-parent family, headed by a domineering and unreasonable mother. The three daughters characters are very different as a result of their mother?fs (Fatty Zhen) upbringing. Spoilt by Fatty Zhen, the youngest daughter, Ke Ke, is well-educated but arrogant. On the other hand, Ke Lian and Ke Li happiness have been short-changed to create more opportunities for their youngest sister.

Despite this, both Ke Lian and Ke Li are able to adapt better to society, unlike Fatty Zhen and Ke Ke, whose attitude puts people off. Ke Lian eventually finds true love, while Ke Li finds happiness in with her own family and career. It is only in the face of an economic crisis that the arrogant Fatty Zhen and Ke Ke learn about humility and the importance of maintaining good human relationships.

While Beautiful Connection also reflects on the harsh realities and pressures of working life, it also shows that there will always be hope and warmth even during a depressing time such as an economic crisis.

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Beautiful Illusions

Duration: 20x60mins

Jianshen and Jianwei live in fear with their alcoholic and often violent father. One day, their mother, Esther, decides to escape with the children but unfortunately leaves Jianshen behind. Later, Esther remarries and leaves for the States with Jianwei. Thinking that she has abandoned him, Jianshen develops a hatred for his mother. Out of desperation for money to cure his ailing father, Jianshen accidentally kills a man.

Upon release from the prison, Jianshen lodges with childhood sweetheart, Xiaofen, and manages to secure a job as a sous chef in her father¡|s restaurant. Jianshen chances upon the sweet and demure, Yixin, who shares a similar fate. Yixin lost her father at a young age, leaving her with a lunatic mother and a schooling brother. Love blossoms between the two.

Meanwhile Jianwei grows up to be a cynical playboy until he meets and falls for the cool and mysterious Joe Ann. Esther returns to Singapore to start a business and continues the search for her lost son. However, Jianshen refuses to acknowledge his mother. Heartbroken, Esther meets with a car accident and is mysteriously murdered! Jianwei blames his mother¡|s death on Jianshen. And when he realises Joe Ann and Yixin look exactly alike, the brothers are further thrown into a sea of jealousy and misunderstanding. A suspecting Xiaofen decides to investigate the matter, threading further into dangerous waters.

Are Yixin and Joe Ann the same person in reality? Will Jianshen and Jianwei eventually reconcile as the truth unfolds?

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Beyond the Axis of Truth

'Beyond the Axis of Truth' is much akin to 'The X files'. It revolves around a forensic pathologist, Chen Shue Ming (played by Edmund Chen) and a Police Superintendent, Wu Ping Yu (played by Ivy Lee) and their strange encounters of the third kind. While one holds a strong belief for supernatural power, the other believes that there's a logical and scientific explanation for very case. The fine line between supernatural and science becomes increasingly hard to distinguish when Chen Shue Ming encounters some very strange and mysterious incidents himself. Is there a scientific explanation for everything or will he eventually be convinced that there's a supernatural and inexplicable force out there.

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Coup de Scorpion

Duration: 30 episodes

This 30-episode drama of love and deceit, traces the feud between two rich families in the jewellery trade. The story begins with Yelin being sent to South Africa on work assignment where she meets the dashing Xie Tingzhang. In a whirlwind of romance, the couple fall in love and exchange marital vows. Tragedy strikes when mobsters mysteriously kill Xie Tingzhang. The disheartened Yelin returns to Singapore and starts life anew in a jewellery group run by a young entrepreneur Zheng Nanshun. Nanshun takes a liking to Yelin and begins to pursue her. Just as Yelin is about to accept and marry Nan, Yan resurfaces….

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The Crime Hunters

Duration: 20x60mins

The Crime Hunters' is a suspense, thriller drama consisting of 5 short stories. The individual stories are weaved together by 3 main characters, namely the 2 investigators (Played by Edmund Chen and Xie Shaoguang) and a criminal psychologist (Played by Aileen Tan).

The 5 short stories are Deja-vu Murders, Till Death Do Us Part, Deadly Romantic, The Truth of Silence and An Evil Mind. Each story features tales of horror, mystery and suspense.

Deja-vu Murders
A brutal murder took place in the city. The killing method used resembles that of another murder committed by a man who is already behind bars. Is this a 'copy cat' murder or just a coincidence?

Till Death Do Us Part
A woman was murdered and her husband's mistress is the prime suspect. But is she really the killer?

Deadly Romantic
A couple was found dead in a car. Was it a suicide or a case of vengeance? Did the dead man?fs son kill the couple out of revenge or was there more to it?

The Truth of Silence
A highly respected director and his wife were stabbed to death and their adopted son is the sole witness. Will the murderer try to silence the boy?

An Evil Mind
A serial killer who suffers from schizophrenia is on the loose. The investigators found an eyewitness but he suffers from a paranoid-psychotic condition. Could she be the serial killer that the police are looking for?

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Yao Siqi (Joanne Peh) is optimistic and confident and firmly believes she is in control of her own fate. At a tender age, she witnessed the death of her parents who committed suicide as a result of failed business ventures. She then grew up in a loving environment thanks to her foster parents Mr and Mrs Fan Dawei. The Fan family has 2 sons. The elder Yining (Ix Shen) is upright and honest, while the younger Yijie (Hawick Lau) is lively and handsome.

Siqi's friend Cenfei (Michelle Chia) comes from a poor family. With a compulsive gambler as a father, the burden of having to support a family of six falls squarely on her and her mother. Cenfei is gentle and kind-hearted. As a result of her humble upbringing, she accepts her destiny and is consumed with the thought of giving her family a good life.

Siqi, Cenfei and Yijie are childhood friends. When they were young, out of playfulness, they tried their hands at drawing divination lots. Yijie got the divination lots mixed up. One of the lots literally meant "Better dead than alive", predicting a bleak future filled with dread. Siqi gave the better divination lot ¡V "They who sow in tears will reap in joy" ¡V to Cenfei. Both Siqi and Yijie give little thought to the divination lots. However Cenfei takes to heart the reading in the divination lot and is firmly guided by the belief that if she works hard, she will eventually be rewarded.

After she graduates, Siqi becomes a newscaster while Cenfei hopes to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry. However, things are far from rosy for Cenfei ¡V her family is still financially strapped and her relationship with Yining, whom she fancies, fails to take off.

She catches the eye of entrepreneur Shen Congye (Huang Wenyong) who starts to woo her. Cenfei thinks that it's fate that she marries well and with her marriage into the upper class, her family will thus be able to live comfortably.

Soon after her marriage, Cenfei discovers Congye is not only abusive and possessive, he also has a highly suspicious nature. She is deeply perturbed that Congye is distrustful of her, however, she does not have the courage to break away from him.

Siqi, whom Yining has shown much care and concern for, has always looked upon him as an elder brother. On the other hand, she and Yijie, who is two years her junior, have a liking for each other. When Yining finally confesses his love for her, Siqi turns him down flatly and insists that Yijie bring their relationship into the open.

As Yijie is preoccupied with legal issues and his career, he is reluctant to share his worries with Siqi and instead tries to dodge her questions. Siqi becomes utterly disappointed with him for his indecisiveness towards matters of the heart.

During this time, Siqi becomes acquainted with the suave and mature Shen Jingwen (Tay Ping Hui). By the time Yijie realizes Siqi is still his true love, Siqi has become fast friends with Jingwen.

Jingwen is Congye's nephew. After Jingwen joins the family business Shen Enterprise, he raises concerns over Congye?fs investment plans. A conflict ensues and Congye decides to leave to set up his own business. Jingwen then discovers Shen Enterprise has become debt-ridden and is on the brink of bankruptcy.

Just as Siqi falls for Jingwen, she discovers Jingwen has been selflessly taking care of a handicapped lady Ye Ling (Lynn Poh). Emotional entanglements complicate both Jingwen and Siqi's lives. While going through the belongings left behind by her parents, she finally learns the truth behind her parents' suicides, which are linked to the Shen family. How will Siqi handle the truth?

Congye abducts Ye Ling to lure Jingwen and forces poisoned wine down their throats. Will Jingwen be able to survive this ordeal?

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Michelle Saram sets out to inspire viewers with her determination to overcome her handicap and to fulfil her dream as a singer in Fantasy.

Although Qian Qian is blind, she is a lively and carefree person who brings joy to the people around her. Abandoned by her mother at the age of four, Qian Qian grew up under the care of her uncle. She sets her sight on becoming a professional singer after her first performance when her uncle forces her on stage. Her first live performance also captures the attention of a down-and-out composer Haoran (played by Chen Hanwei).

Qian Qian enters the entertainment arena with the help of Haoran and rises to stardom quickly. However, she meets with hardships along the way and finds it difficult to stay cheerful and carefree. She finds herself in an emotional dilemma as well when she finds herself caught in a love triangle.

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Hainan Kopi Tales

Duration: 20 episodes

Using the famous Hainan coffeeshop as a backdrop, this nostalgic drama explores the Hainanese way of life from the 60s to the 80s. Long Fu Yuan, a Hainanese coffeeshop owner, has two sons (Ah Sing and Ah Zhuo) with his second wife in Indonesia. Long's first wife constantly makes life difficult for his second wife and her sons when they move to Singapore. Ah Sing (played by Chew Chor Meng) decides to be sailor in order to avoid her. Not long after Long returns to Hainan Island to retire, Ah Sing is asked to manage the coffeeshop when Long's first wife cannot save the ailing business.

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Holland V.

Duration: 115x60mins

Holland V is a lighthearted, funny and colourful contemporary drama that's set in one of the prominent estates in Singapore (known as Holland Village) and revolves around the Mo family. It stars veteran artistes such as Chen Liping, Xie Shaoguang, Xiang Yun, Huang Wenyong as well as the up and coming artistes such as Jeanette Au, Pierre Png (of the award-winning sitcom Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd), Star Awards winners, Vivian Lai and Jeff Wang and many more. Also look out for guest appearance by popular singer, Ho Yew Sun.

The Mo family consists of six very colourful characters; Big Sister, Mo Wanwan is a big eater and has a 'don't mess with me' attitude because of her size; second sister, Mo Lingling is as skinny as a bamboo stick and when provoked, her left leg turns into a powerful kicking machine; third sister, Mo Yanyan is the exact opposite of her twin, Mo Jingjing (fourth sister). Yanyan is smart but is a lazy bum who can sleep continuously for three days while Jingjing is innocent and hardworking. She is also blessed with luck, striking lotteries frequently; fifth sister, Mo Rourou is a botanist with great eyesight and youngest brother; Mo Yangyang is very agile in his movements thus earning himself the nickname, Spiderman.

While the story revolves around the Mo family, viewers will also get to see a whole list of other characters such as Wanwan's illegitimate daughter who falls for the same man as her; the obnoxious Yang siblings whose motto is to always be at the upper hand; Su Hao also know as 13-11, an opportunist who gets his hands on anything that generates money.

Be prepared to laugh, cry, cringe and empathize with the various characters in this drama.

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Knotty Liason

Duration: 20 episodes

Six short light-hearted stories that tell the trials and tribulations of love and marriage in modern society. They are: The Sofa, The Jigsaw, The Hamburger, The Eggtart, The Lift and The Mobile phone.

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You Light up My Life

Duration: 20 episodes

This drama centers on how a group of social workers provides guidance to those who have lost drive in their lives as well as warmth to the unfortunate ones in the society. Viewers can also expect to see some real-life cases such as child abuse, teenage prostitution, sexual abuse, child labor etc.

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Looking for Stars

Duration: 12 episodes

Looking for Stars is a light-hearted romantic drama. Christopher Lee, plays Henry, an 'anti-commitment' guy. The regionally well-known Fann Wong plays Orange, a girl with a modern view towards love. Henry's first encounter with Orange was in Tokyo when they both nursing a broken heart and they had a one night stand. Back in Singapore, Orange's ex-boyfriend, Xue Qiang tries to reconcile with her. However, it is Henry who touches Orange's heart with a pair of star-shaped diamond earrings. Orange's successful career soon affects her relationship with Henry and he initiates a breakup. Five years later, when Henry has the opportunity to rekindle his love with Orange, his ex-girlfriend shows up with their five-year-old daughter. This time, Orange walks out on Henry. Can Henry bring himself to marry his ex-girlfriend knowing that his true love is Orange? Or will he forsake responsibility for love?

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Love is Beautiful

Duration: 35x60mins

This 35-episode drama starring Terence Cao, Jacelyn Tay, Tay Ping Hui and many others revolves around the saying 'Money is the root of all evil'. An intense drama that's bound to keep viewers wanting more with its high drama storyline laced with elements such as love, hatred, revenge and viciousness.

A piece of land is all it takes to break the Huang family apart. Huang Wanshan (played by Liu Qianyi) bought a house and a plot of land some 30 years back and stayed there with his family, his sister and her foster son, Zheng Liheng (played by Tay Ping Hui) for a few years. His sister and Liheng are left to tend to the house when Wanshan's family moves out. Both Wanshan's family and Liheng claim to be the lawful owner of the land when a land developer offers $5 million for it. Although Wanshan intends to share the proceeds of the sale with his sister, Liheng refuses to accept anything less than the 100% ownership of the land. When Liheng fails to claim ownership to the land, he vows to revenge. Just then, Wanshan's daughter; Lexuan (played by Jacelyn Tay) discovers that she is pregnant with Liheng's child. Is this part of Liheng's plot as well

After the dispute with Liheng, Wanshan plans to buy a bungalow so that all his children can stay under one roof. But the $5million proves too much for kinship, each of Wanshan's children begins to scheme against one another so as to bag the money. Will Wanshan's wish be fulfilled? Are his children able to put aside their greed for family ties?

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Love Me, Love Me Not

Duration: 20x60mins

Two Angels have been 'thrown' to earth as punishment for their wrongdoings in the Heaven. In order to resume their angel status, they were each given a special assignment. One of them has to pair up 100 singles and the other has to break up 100 happy couples. They are cast onto earth as lawyer, Song Jing Jing and social development worker, Song Xing Xing, and the most interesting part is that they have to accomplish their tasks within a specific time frame, so they can return to Heaven again!

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Lucky Numbers

Duration: 20 episodes

Do you take chances in life in hope of striking it rich? Do you play the lottery hoping to cash in on the rewards? Well you are not alone. This light-hearted, social serial is based on one's hope to strike it rich whether by working hard or by taking chances.

See Singapore's funnyman, Mark Lee in his first TV serial as Huang Jincai. His business partner and good friend, Hong Wanfa (Played by Xie ShaoGuang) is the more ambitious and capable one while Jincai is less aggressive and down-to-earth. It has been said that 'Money is the root of all evil', and true enough, as business flourishes, Wanfa starts to womanise and neglects his wife. As if a divorce is not bad enough, Wanfa suffers a further setback when Jincai decides to terminate the partnership. Both Wanfa and Jincai realise how much they need each other when their businesses fail. Just then, Wanfa strikes the lottery, winning $8 million dollars. How will Wanfa deal with his new-found wealth this time round? Will he be able to learn from his mistakes or will he be overruled by greed?

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My Home Affairs

Duration: 40x60mins

 This contemporary drama centers around the Hong family. Head of the household is Hong Yun who together with his wife and five children tries to keep the family together despite their individual differences and conflicts. The developments in this family drama can be heart-warming and are very often unexpected

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My Love, My Home

Duration: 20x60mins

'My Love, My Home' is a 20-episode heart-warming contemporary drama starring Lilin and Edmund Chen. This is their first collaboration where Lilin plays Hong Shan, the daughter of a triad chief and Edmund Chen is a compassionate and responsible social worker, Situ Hai Yang.

Although Hong Shan grew up in a less than desired environment, Hong Shan is nevertheless kind-hearted in nature. Her only shortcoming is her tendency to lie. Hong Shan's other secret is her crush on Hai Yang since six years old although she only gets to know Hai Yang personally when she is in her twenties.

'My Love, My Home' attempts to highlight the importance of family ties by weaving in some of the family problems faced by Hai Yang. Hai Yang's mother died when he was ten and Hai Yang's siblings blame him for their mother's death because she was trying to shield him from being hit by a falling flowerpot. Throughout the years, Hai Yang has been trying to seek forgiveness and understanding from his siblings but to no avail. Hai Xing (played by Chen Hanwei), takes on the responsibility to take care of the Situ siblings after their father passed away. However due to his harsh and strict disciplinary actions, his siblings often rebel and get into big fights with him. Soon, each of these siblings leaves Hai Xing and moves in with Hai Yang, which further aggravates Hai Xing's hatred for Hai Yang.

The Situ siblings finally come together as one when Hai Yang falls into a coma as a result of a physical tussle with Hai Xing. The yet fragile bond between them is destroyed by a sudden twist of fate. Hong Shan realises that she was the litterbug who carelessly threw down the flowerpot that killed Hai Yang's mother. Hai Yang and his family find the truth hard to accept. How will Hong Shan face the man she loves so deeply and how can she seek Situ family's forgiveness? Hong Shan embraces herself for the greatest test of her life.

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My Lucky Charm

Do you believe in fate? Or do we just resign to fate? Between Iove and fate, which is a greater curse? The Zhang family, founder of Xingyun t'ai chi, has been cursed for generations... Shodly after marriage, clan Ieader Qiuyue becomes a young widow when her husband died in a sudden car accident. Resigning to the family curse, Qiuyue indulges in gambling to drown her sorrows. She changes her name to Lucky and Ieads an aimless Iife.

Equally cursed is her dawdling brother Fengshou who got involved with the triads and ended up in prison. Upon release, he continues to idle around and daydreams about striking rich. Even Lucky's daughter is not spared from the curse. The sweet and filial Xiangxiang possesses a body odour that drives men away!

Fate takes a drastic turn for the Zhangs when Xiangxiang miraculously acquires t'ai chi powers... Lucky finds new love, Fengshou turns entrepreneur and Xiangxiang takes over as the new t'ai chi clan Ieader! Just when the curse seems to have been Iifted... tragedy hits again when Lucky's groom meets with a car accident on her wedding day. Fengshou gets framed and faces bankruptcy while Xigngxiang is Ieft paralyzed after a terrible accident... throwing the Zhangs back to their days of endless misfortunes...

Has the curse returned to haunt the Zhangs or is this a case of self-fulfilling prophecy?

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Romance de Amour

Kang Li, Qinghui and Huishi are 3 good friends who jointly own a beauty centre. A sincere person by nature, Kang Li is both beautiful and elegant. She lives happily with her sister Kang Qi and 5-year-old daughter Beibei. Seven years ago, Kang Li met Huang Weide, the CEO of Ci Holdings. Attracted by the matured, caring and successful man, Kang Li started a relationship with him.

 However, Weide is a married man. His wife Xu Fangni is a tough career woman who does not give any consideration for others' feelings, including her husband's. Their relationship had long soured but the couple remain husband and wife on account of their social status and their family.

Kang Li and Qinghui used to be neighbours when they were young. The former was treated like part of Qinghui's family after her parents' death. As a result, the 2 forged a close friendship. Confident and fiercely independent. Unknown to her best pal though, she has been secretly holding a torch for Weide all these years and has remained single as she feels no man can be compared to him.

Huishi is an old classmate of Kang Li and leads a happy life with doting husband Qipeng and their 2 daughters. She is one capable woman who prides herself of taking good care of her family. Qipeng is an honest family man who has zilch social life. As such, Huishi has good confidence that her husband will never stray.

Qinghui and Qipeng get involved with each other in a drunken stupor while on a business trip together. After several futile attempts to reject Qipeng's advances, Qinghui finally succumbs and overcomes her guilt towards Huishi. Unable to resist the temptation, Qipeng is torn between lust and responsibility. Finally, the affair not only destroys the women's friendship but the break-up of Huishi's family as well.

When a promising young man who showers her with care and concern walks into her life, Kang Li begins to reflect on her love life. Hoping to give her daughter Beibei a proper family, Kang Li decides to bury her past with Weide and start a new chapter with Xuelun. Unfortunately, Kang Li is diagnosed with a brain tumour. Weide is overcome with fear of losing her forever that he summons up the courage to leave his wife. The operation turns out to be a failure and Kang Li goes into comatose.

Fangni finds it unbelievable that Weide could give up his everything for Kang Li, a living dead now. Finding it hard to swallow, the proud one plans a brutal revenge on Weide...

Kang Li finally comes to but she has lost all her memory. As she tries to resume normal life with the help of Kang Qi and Xuelun, a despondent handicap quietly watches her from afar...

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Duration: 20x60mins

Scripted by famous Hong Kong playwright Raymond Tu and directed by renowned movie producer Derek Chiu, this lighthearted series reflects the attitudes of today's young professionals towards true love. Hong Kong's Wang Xi takes on the lead role as a Single New Age Guy (SNAG) living in the city with Mavis Hee playing his love interest. This serial also unravels the friends and love relationships between these young single professionals.

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Springs of Life

Duration: 20x60mins

'Springs of Life' is a story that begins in the '50s and one that spans over a period of 30 years. The dramedy is a rare mix of humour and seriousness as it depicts the lives and culture of the people during the era. The story revolves around a few families living as neighbours and their growing up years.

The story uses a medical hall as its backdrop and tells the story of Da Pao, a young entrepreneur who is willing to take risks where no one else dares to. He is inspired when he learns of a secret medical recipe for medical oil, and cracks his head to market the product. The story also includes the interesting lives of a pair of budding singing sisters.

Zhang Pei Pei of 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' fame was cordially invited to star in this humorous yet telling dramedy.

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The Champion

Duration: 20x60mins

Hell breaks lose when an ambitious coach (Johnny Yan) takes over the training of the women swim team. He places high hopes on the most promising swimmer (Jeanette Aw) who fails to live up to his expectations because of excessive family burdens. In between clashes, they developed feelings for each other until the untimely return of his ex-wife...

Swim buddies (Fiona Xie) and (Joyce) compete not only in the pool but also in their quest for love. Trouble brews when both fall for the same guy (Toro) from the water polo team. Ironically, their siblings (Qi Yuwu) and (Jessica) get entangled in yet another game of unrequited underwater love when the latter decides to turn his attention to another...

Things get heated up when the competition draws near...

Will the trials of true friendship and the turbulence of courtship cause them to falter? Or will it fuel their drive to excel in the sport they love?

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The Hotel

Duration: 20x60mins

A production on a grand scale, it features a stellar cast with Fann Wong, Christopher Lee, Zoe Tay, Li Nan Xing, Chew Chor Meng, Jaclyn Tay, Chen Han Wei, Edmund Chen, Ivy Lee, Terrence Cao, Tay Ping Hui, Wong Li-Ling and many more.

The story revolves around a family-run hotel business that was handed down to Miss Seto by her happy-go-lucky mother. Miss Seto runs the hotel together with her sister, brother and sister-in-law. Due to poor management and a horde of ageing employees, the hotel's business goes downhill. The state of the hotel worries the major shareholder, two brothers - Emil and Sunny. Both decide to step in and re-structure the management style in hope of turning the business around. The new versus the old management style isn't the only issue the employees have to contend with. They are also faced with weird, funny and strange guests who turn up at the hotel, stirring up the tense atmosphere in the hotel even more. The persisting saga mellows only when Sunny and Miss Seto's sister started dating.

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The Stratagem

Duration: 20x60mins

The Stratagem tells of personal & power struggle, greed and deception set against a banking and finance background. It also boosts a stellar cast of heavy weights like Zoe Tay, Tay Ping Hui, Chen Shucheng, Edmund Chen and Chen Liping.

A bitter war erupts in the bank when two major shareholders try to gain control and it seems that only the most unscrupulous will survive the game. Kaishuang (Zoe Tay), an intelligent go-getter who rescues a fledgling enterprise and turns it into a billion-dollar property maintains her sense of righteousness and refuses to be corrupted. But can a woman stand firmly in control in the business world, surrounded by conniving and envious males?

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The Tax Files

Duration: 20x60mins

Anti tax evasion officers take centrestage in this drama series which unveils the perplexities behind a string of fraudulent tax files. Tax evasion cases were exposed as a result of the integrity and intelligence of two lady officers (played by Wu Qian Lian and Ann Kok). Complexities in solving the cases were further aggravated when it involves the officer's lover.

The ensemble cast includes top Asian actress Wu Qian Lian and Star Awards Best Actor Xie Shao Guang.

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The Vagrant

A drama about Ah Bao, a young man who grew up in a violent environment and how he deals with life after his term in prison. At the age of 21, Ah Bao landed up in jail after his friend and girlfriend betrayed him during a robbery he took part in. While in jail, Ah Bao plotted his revenge against the people who betrayed him.

Upon his release from prison, he discovers that his friend is now mentally retarded and that his ex-girlfriend has remarried. He learns that the couple has left behind kids, who are abused by their foster family. Feeling sorry for them, Ah Bao decides to take care of the kids.

Ah Bao ends up renting a place from Shushu, a chicken rice seller, who is infamous for her weird temper. Living under the same roof, Ah Bao learns that Shushu's temperament is due to her husband's betrayal when she had breast cancer. As time goes by, the couple discovers the nicer side of each other and learns about trust again.

Just when life seems to be turning better for Ah Bao, he discovers the truth about his downfall 10 years ago. He decides to uncover the mastermind behind. Is Ah Bao taking a wrong step in his life again?

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True Heroes

Born into a family line of police officers, it is no wonder that Chen Junhao would aspire to be one too. Enlisting himself into the Police Academy after his graduation from college, Junhao strives hard to achieve his dreams

 Being the eager beaver, he had high hopes of being posted to the Criminal Investigation Department. However, when he found out that he’s been assigned to a Neighbourhood Police Post in Ang Mo Kio handling matters he deemed as trivial, his hopes were dashed.

Things don’t get any better when Junhao has to work hand in hand with aloof colleague, Wang Feng whose way of handling matters doesn’t seem to correspond with Junhao. Inevitably, communication between the 2 colleagues break down and Junhao is left once again, feeling despondent.

His low morale and despondency is noticed by an astute and mature veteran, Kexin who is aware of the situation. Through her guidance, Junhao gradually adjusts into the neighbourhood, building rapport with the residents and finally finding joy in his work.

Wu Zhiguang, a futures stockbroker and Junhao’s good friend who unscrupulously uses Junhao’s status as a cop to swindle, ruining their friendship and almost tarnishing Junhao’s reputation.

Wang Feng’s lack of understanding coupled with the betrayal of his friend soon drives Junhao to resign only to be stopped by Kexin. Together, they bring Zhiguang to justice. Their friendship soon develops into romance when Kexin chooses her career over moving to the States to be with her rich boyfriend, Hanliang.

 However their relationship suffers a hiccup when Junhao gets acquainted with Irene, a delinquent who ceaselessly clings on to him, through his call of duty. His approach to handling the situation hurts Kexin and causes her to leave the country.

With the departure of Kexin, Junhao loses interest in his work and gets chided by Wang Feng. Unable to take it anymore, Junhao retorts, leading Wang Feng to do some soul- searching.

Working together with his sister, Chen Huimin who is also the significant other of Wang Feng, and through a life- saving event, Junhao and Wang Feng reconcile and become best partners in their crime- fighting career.

Their good performance pleases their superior, Gurmit who not only informs Junhao of his promotion, but also the whereabouts of Kexin when he senses a void in Junhao’s love life. Filled with hope, Junhao goes to look for Kexin only to find that she’s not there…

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The Unbeatables

Duration: 30x60mins

Following the success of Unbeatables I & II, Unbeatables III is back to take viewers by storm. Although the plot still revolves around gambling, this latest series sees a number of new characters weaved in to inject freshness and new appeal. Li Nanxing and Zoe Tay will reprise their roles as the reigning King and Queen of Gamblers. Miss Hong Kong 1996, Li Shan Shan plays a nurse and who gets involved with Yan Fei. Other than the star-studded cast, expect to also see high-tech computer effects, specially designed illusionary gambling skills as well as on-location filming in Australia.

Yan Fei's son, Yan Xing has always wanted to be the King of Gamblers like father. Unfortunately Yan Fei doesn¡¯t approve of him getting into the gambling scene and instead chooses to pass his skills to his disciples, Wu Youkang, Dong Meiyao and Ding Wei. This upsets Yan Xing. And in order to prove that he is the King of Gamblers, the unscrupulous Yan Xing forces Ding Wei to a showdown on the game table and challenges his own mother to a life and death duel.

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Vive La Famille II

Duration: 20x60mins

A continuation from part I, 'Vive La Famile II showcases an original cast with 2 new additions, namely Pan Jing Lian (played by Hong Huifang) as Thomas (played by Chen Hanwei) auntie and Stephanie (played by Cassandra See) as Stella's (played by Lin Meijiao) sister.

Long-time widower Sun Yongshun (Chen Shucheng) suffers a stroke and his four children decide to employ a maid to manage the household chores, while his sister-in-law Sixuan (Lin Yinzhu) offers to take care of Yongshun. Although everyone hopes that Yongshun will recover and enjoy his old age, they are each plagued by their own problems and the household fails to enjoy a moment of peace.

Second son and wife Huifen (Chen Huihui) decide that Yutai (San Yow) will quit his job to be a househusband when Huifen's career soars. The pressure the couple faces by reversing traditional roles soon takes a toil on them. The Sun family's life is turned upside down when third daughter's (Huang Biren) aunt-in-law, Jinglian (Hong Huifang), from Penang moves in to live them. The overly-helpful Jinglian is very soon deemed as nosy. Jinglian assumes the role of the matriach in her attempt to help, frustrating every Sun family member.

Meanwhile, eldest son Yuguo (Zheng Geping) and his wife (Lin Meijiao) have to reconcile the fact that Stella is retrenched. The Sun family struggles to stay united when Yuguo's boss tries to seduce him and to bribe his family by offering to buy over the house to help tie over the bad times. Will the Sun family be able to tide over their troubles?

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Wings of Desire

Duration: 20x60mins

Central to this drama's themes are jealousy and kinship. A pair of step-sisters learn of each other's existence only in adulthood. The two deal with this newly found existence differently.

Danchun and Jiaxuan is a pair of step-sisters who grew up apart. While Jiaxuan was groomed from young by her aunt Qiuxia to be the heiress of the Lin Corporations, Danchun was raised by a loanshark, Hu Tie. It is only by chance that Danchun learns about her parentage and that she too is a successor to the Lin's wealth. Jiaxuan is not thrilled about her long lost sister as she views her as a contender for the family's wealth. Jiaxuan's cousin, Jiahao is also intolerant of Danchun for the same reason. Only Kailang, Jiaxuan's boyfriend gets along fine with Danchun.

Unable to tolerate Jiaxuan's eccentric temper and her jealousy streak, Kailang eventually breaks up with her. When Jiaxuan discovers that Kailang is seeing Danchun, she hatches a plan to destroy their relationship. Will Danchun survive the ordeal or will the jealous Jiaxuan go all way out to get her man back?

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Out to Win

Duration: 10 episodes

This contemporary fast-paced drama shows how a succesful stock trader, hardened by her harsh working environment overcomes arrogance and fear to to gain respect of fellow colleagues, friends and family members. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she knocks down a young boy in car accident which leaves him paralysed.

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