Ogu & Mampato in RapaNui

Enthusiastic about the stories his father tells him about Easter Island (Rapa Nui), Mampato decides to visit the island and get to know more about its mysteries... But before that, he travels to prehistory looking for his friend and companion of adventures Ogû, a pleasant cave dweller.  They will run across time and space heading or the mythic island, where they get to know a small villager girl, Marama, who shall be their host, guide and companion in this adventure. This girl shows our characters different places and aspects of this culture, such as the Moais, Tangata- Manu and the Ariki and their mana, the magic power with which they moved the huge moais as told by the legend.

This is how our friends unveil some of the mysteries that surround this island and return to their respective homes.

Produced by Cineanimadores

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