New acquisition: the family film “THANKS FOR BEING MY FRIEND” aka “GRACIAS POR SER MI AMIGO.”

We are delighted to represent internationally Mexico’s director Jose Gerardo Ocampo’s feel-good film GRACIAS POR SER MI AMIGO. The film was produced and performed by his cinema students adding to the ‘authenticity’ of the storyline and acting.

Yael, kind and innocent, seeks to fit in with his new group of high school students. He targets José Luis, the most rebellious and aggressive of all. Although Jos é Luis rejects him constantly, Yael discovers in him a boy with a big heart and decides not to give up until he gets his friendship. Very soon José Luis will realize that Yael’s arrival at his school will mark his life forever.

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New sales: The Green Channel (Canada) bought the VOD rights of 10 documentaries!

This deal will be a great opportunity to commercialise and screen the socially engaging environmental documentaries that Galloping Films represents. They include:

“A WORM IN THE APPLE” (David Leigh, Australia)

“BRING THE SUN HOME” (Chiara Andrich, Italy)

“NEW FARMS, BIG SUCCESS” (Jocelyn Demers, Canada)


“SAVING THE LIFE KEEPERS” (Jocelyn Demers, Canada)

“TRANSHUMANCE” (Maria Bagnat, Argentina)

“THE FIRST WAVE” (Liz Burke, Australia)

“THE LAST YOIK IN SAMI FORESTS” (Hannu Hayvönen, Finland)

“THE FUTURE MAKERS” (Maryella Hatfield, Australia)

“THE WATERSHED OF FRASER RIVER” (Jocelyn Demers, Canada)


New acquisition: the award winning documentary: “FIREFLIES IN THE ABYSS”

We are proud to represent internationally Indian based director Chandrasekhar Reddy’s documentary film “FIREFLIES IN THE ABYSS.” The film won the following prices:

Best Long Documentary. Int’l Doco Kerala
Best Non-Feature Film. National Film Awards
Best Film & Best Cinematography. Mumbai Int’l Festival
Official Selection. HOT DOCS, Canada
Official Selection. Busan Int’l Film Festival, Korea

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New acquisition: the uplifiting doco ” THE PARAROOS”

We are thrilled to represent the uplifting doco THE PARAROOS” directed by Australian based Tom Ferguson.

The Pararoos are the Australian national football team in international 7-a-side competition for athletes with cerebral palsy, acquired brain injuries or injuries acquired from a stroke. They are a side that faced many hurdles in their personal lives as well as in their journeys to represent Australia on the world stage. This film explores different players’ personalities, the world of Paralympic football and the importance of sport in mental and physical rehabilitation. The Pararoos provides role models for anyone with a disability.

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New acquisition: the social/environmental doco “TRANSHUMANCE”

We are privileged to represent this important social documentary from award-winning Argentinean director Maria Bagnat.

The transhumance is the cyclical moving and herding of animals to the pastures of the high mountains in the summer and down to the slopes of the mountain range in the wintering grounds. Today, the migratory stockbreeders between Argentina and Chile, both native Mapuche Indians and criollos, are facing the proliferation of private property and the discovery of hydrocarbons in the area that are risking their livelihoods and ancestral lifestyle.

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Paul Cox small 92x130

New Acquisition. “FORCE OF DESTINY”

Galloping Films is proud to announce that it acquired award winning director Paul Cox’s highly emotional film “Force of Destiny.” David Wenham (“Lord of the Rings”, 300”) plays Robert whose family is stunned when he is diagnosed with cancer of the liver and six months to live. In the process of physical decline and mental turmoil, Robert meets Maya (Shahana Goswami: “Ra.One”) who comes from a different world and he is put on the transplant list. Robert’s passion for Maya intensifies as he confronts the agony and ecstasy of finding the love that has evaded him his entire life, just as his body is about to be taken from him. Check the trailer on



We sold the rights of the following films and programs:

  • Grey Wolf: Hitler’s Escape to Argentina. DVD rights for Scandinavia to Soul Media (Denmark)
  • Masters of Design. TV rights for Iran to Irib (Iran)

We had advanced negotiations with ZDF (Germany) for German Speaking territories and The History Channel (Argentina) for the territory of Latin America for the licensing of Grey Wolf: Hitler’s Escape to Argentina.