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We are proud to share with you the news that in the last 5 months, “The Pararoos” has received the following awards: • The IndieFest Film Awards – Award of Excellence • Virgin Spring Cinefest, India – Silver • The Next Level International Film Festival – Best Documentary • Sport Movies & TV – 36 […]

The 5 Provocations

Logline This is a performance-driven realist drama about four intertwined stories of love, loss and unexpected confrontations by women too provocative to ignore.   Synopsis Marlena is secretly dealing with the loss of her married lover, Rosie. Rosie’s husband Paul is also going through his own grief. Meanwhile, Marlena takes on a housemate, the timid […]

River of Treasures

Logline An adventure journey into European past through the discovery of sunken treasures.   Synopsis In the XVII century, soldiers of Sweden’s Charles X Gustav Vasa invaded Poland and robbed everything, especially the works of art. Parts of architecture from Warsaw residences, even floor tiles were put on barges that went across the Baltic Sea […]


Logline “101” is a reverence to Abel Gance’s film “J’accuse!,” one of the most important anti-war films in history.   Synopsis This docu-drama was structured as a ‘silent film’ in honour of  Abel Gance’s film “J’accuse! The battle of Tannenberg was fought in 1914 in East Prussia between the Germans and the Russians. It ended in […]

New acquisition: the family film “THANKS FOR BEING MY FRIEND” aka “GRACIAS POR SER MI AMIGO.”

We are delighted to represent internationally Mexico’s director Jose Gerardo Ocampo’s feel-good film GRACIAS POR SER MI AMIGO. The film was produced and performed by his cinema students adding to the ‘authenticity’ of the storyline and acting. Yael, kind and innocent, seeks to fit in with his new group of high school students. He targets […]

Cosmo Kids

Logline A Friendship that will reach for the Stars.   Synopsis Friendship, when you are 12 years old, is never easy. Especially when you’re trying to save the world and cope with parents who just don’t understand. And when both of you are from different galaxies, sometimes you just seem worlds apart.   Zenith is […]