Genre: History of Food Director/s: Alexander Valenti & Giovanni Pacialeo
Original Story: Carlos Alperin & Daryl Sparkes
Runtime: 6x52’ Country/s: Australia & France Year: 2018 Producer/s: Carlos Alperin Language/s: English Budget: $2.5m


  1. Add a large helping of mystery and adventure
  2. a soup spoon of history
  3. a pinch of archaeology
  4. a good helping of cooking, and
  5. just a small amount of new technologies.
  6. Mix all the ingredients and you will never see the food we eat today in quite the same way again.

Many of the dishes we eat today were born at a turning point in history that brought two opposing peoples together, laying the foundation stones of a culinary syncretism that would lead to a new kind of cuisine. This is a true detective story that will take us across the world: from China to Mexico, from Spain to China, from Italy to the United States. A journey through time and space, a great adventure mixing history, science, archaeology and gastronomy, where a multitude of cultures leads to many ways of sitting down at the table.