We sold the rights of the following films and programs:

  • Grey Wolf: Hitler’s Escape to Argentina. DVD rights for Scandinavia to Soul Media (Denmark)
  • Masters of Design. TV rights for Iran to Irib (Iran)

We had advanced negotiations with ZDF (Germany) for German Speaking territories and The History Channel (Argentina) for the territory of Latin America for the licensing of Grey Wolf: Hitler’s Escape to Argentina.

NEW SALES at Marche du Film (Cannes)

At this market we sold the rights to the following films:

  • Grey Wolf: Hitler’s Escape to Argentina. All rights for Australia and New Zealand to Vendetta Films (New Zealand)
  • Grey Wolf: Hitler’s Escape to Argentina. TV and VoD rights for Scandinavia to KIB Media (Norway)
  • My Last Valentine in Beirut. All rights for Tanzania and Kenya to Gala Entertainment (USA)
  • My Last Valentine in Beirut. DVD rights for Lebanon to Italia Film (Lebanon)

International distributors were also very enthusiastic about other films from our Line Up that included Love Story, The Scandalous Four, Queens! Destiny of Dance, Strange Frame, The Sunset Six, Bijuka, The Law of the Swindle, One Way Ticket, Sargent Matacho, Echo of Thoughts and The 500 Stolen Babies. We are now waiting for the distributors’ offers on these titles!



At the Marche du Film in Cannes Galloping Films shared a stand with Amadeus Entertainment, an ambitious UK based sales agent, where we decided to represent each others catalogues in markets that one of us doesn’t attend. This new cooperation will greatly benefit our producers since we’ll be able to cover more territories and make more sales, in the same period of time.