Information for Filmmakers

After 20 years of travel, meetings, negotiations and sales, Carlos Alperin, Galloping Films’ CEO, established close ongoing relationships with film distributors, free to air TV stations, cable and satellite networks, DVD distributors and digital platforms across the globe. He can identify the right markets and buyers for your film or television series.

Galloping Films spends hundreds of thousands of dollars every year promoting its catalogue. We only select unique, interesting, meaningful, well produced and commercially appealing feature films, documentaries and TV series. We rent offices at international markets, create industry tailored, eye catching marketing materials and put screeners of your film in the hands of a large range of buyers.

None of these marketing expenses are deducted from the revenue of your film… ever! We charge a flat distribution commission that includes all marketing costs so you will start enjoying the fruits of your efforts from the first dollar of every sale, every time!

As your international sales agency we’ll license your film to TV broadcasters, film distributors and VOD platforms on a territory-by-territory basis. We’ll promote buyer awareness, festival strategy, and ultimately find the best buyers.

We endeavor to maintain no-nonsense relationships, not just with our producers but also with our buyers. We know an honest and practical approach will lead to more, quicker and higher priced deals. Since Carlos is also an experienced producer he understands the passion, frustrations and pitfalls involved in developing, financing and producing a film as well as the uncertainties in finding a market for it.

If you would like Galloping Films to evaluate your film for international representation, please send a link to or a screener to:

Carlos Alperin
Galloping Films
9 Atthow Avenue
Ashgrove, QLD 4060