Since its founding in 2003, Galloping Films was conscious of its status as a boutique sales agency so it developed a strategy of alliances with other international sales agents, distributors and producers.

Galloping Films catalogue is represented in North America by WowNow and Netminds, in Latin America by Netminds, Los Altos Entertainment and Filmbeat, in Brazil by Vynil Media, in Germany and Benelux by Quira, in Italy by Videoshow, in Portugal and Africa speaking Portuguese by TV4You, and in India by Olefin, and rest of the world by Peer Film Distribution. Galloping Films shares its commission with these international sales agents and distributors so together we can generate more sales for you, the Producer. These companies either sell some of Galloping Films’ titles to their own clients and allow Galloping Films to market and sell their titles to its clients.

Other alliances include X Synapse, a Galloping Films’ production and finance sister company.