Galloping Illusions is a propriety limited company (ACN: 145691934) with offices at 9 Atthow Avenue, Ashgrove, Brisbane, QLD 4060, Australia. Carlos Alperin (CEO) and Roham (Rome) Ghodsi (CFO) incorporated the company in Brisbane on 10 September 2010.

Galloping Illusions together with Galloping Films is a one stop shop for the finance, production, marketing and sales of commercially driven films that have outstanding stories. The company devised a finance structure, unique in its concept and commercial approach, to raise budgets to produce feature films, high end documentaries, animated films and TV programs.

Galloping Illusions secured the commitment from international investors for the provision of collateral issued by AAA rated international banks to back the company’s lines of credit.

In the last four years, Galloping Illusions expanded its finance and production base by establishing companies in Australia, the United States, Colombia and Mexico.