Director/s: Mark Andersson Country/s: Australia Year: 2007 Producer/s: Tom Zubrycki Language/s: English IMDB: Released: Australia

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At age 42, Australian boxing champion Nermin Sabanovic is making a comeback and dreaming of fighting for a world title, despite the concerns of his wife and two daughters. Once a celebrity and Olympic champion in his former homeland of Bosnia, Nermin believes he still has what it takes to fight for a world boxing title. While he may have the support of the Bosnian community and his friends at the Aboriginal Sobriety Group where he works, his wife Indira and two daughters aren’t so sure. Nermin has been out of the ring for 10 years and his aging body may not be up to it.


But Nermin’s decision to relive past glory may have some serious consequences. How will Nermin’s aging body hold up against a much younger opponent? Will a lack of sparring partners affect his abilities? How will all this affect his family?