Genre: Drama Director/s: Maria Ruotsala (“Hollow Sky”) Cast: Irina Björklund (“The American”), Sampo Sarkola (“Heartbeats”), Roosa Söderholm (“They Have Escaped”) Runtime: 96' Country/s: Finland Year: 2013 Producer/s: Merja Ritola Language/s: Swedish Budget: $1.5m IMDB: Subtitles: English Festivals: Nominated Best Actor, KultainenVenla 2014
Nominated Best Actress, KultainenVenla 2014
Released: Scandinavia

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Are some human beings evil and cruel because they lack any purpose in life?


Umbra runs a Research Institute that investigates evil with his colleague and lover Iris. Their clients are both criminals and victims. A mute young woman who believes she turned her body into a circle, a former astronaut who believes that he is still in the infinity of space. Iris desperately wants a child, Umbra doesn’t. Iris realises how Umbra uses her and his clients as tools for his obsessive theory: seen from the perspective of infinity, human life is only a series random acts of chance with no meaning whatsoever.

Film Review
“What suddenly becomes visible in the sci-fi is the inner space of the mind – in the spirit of Kubrick, Tarkovsky and Lynch, but also Pasolini, Buñuel and Malick. "As an art film, Apeiron surpasses the clichés of realism and genre by the freedom of surrealism and avant-garde. It has been made with love and not money, with thought and not effects, but it still fulfils the requirements of science fiction. The result is fabulous." AnttiAlanen , Film Programmer, KansallinenAudiovisuaalinenInstituutti