Genre: Thriller/Mystery Director/s: Gene Teigland Cast: Tac Fitzgerald, Jim Detmar, Maitland McConnell, Tony Papenfuss Runtime: 103' Country/s: United States Year: 2007 Writer/s: James A. Kreitel, Gene Teigland Language/s: English Budget: $600,000 IMDB:

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After Francis Larson is forced to confess to a murder that he didn’t commit and sent to prison, everyone in Arnolds Park, including his classmates, are led to believe that he committed suicide. However, this is only a cover for his physical transformation to Frank Delano. Together with his rich eccentric Uncle Bobby they meticulously plan Frank’s return to Arnolds Park to bring the real killer to justice. During Frank’s physical transformation, Bobby hires Susan Campbell who has close ties to Jackie Newmar, the one who has the answers that could help clear Francis’ name.