Runtime: 30x23' Country/s: Singapore Year: 2007 Language/s: English

From ancient cities and almost-forgotten villages to bizarre rituals and rare talents, this series explores the road less travelled to bring you some of these uncommon places in Asia, known only to locals, and extolled with pride from the people who are guardians of these secrets. Discover the royal legends from Indonesia and Thailand and uncover the unique spots in Asia – from a Utensils Museum in Ahmadabad, India, to a steel-structure church in the Philippines, and a coral reef rock with a profile that looks like Richard Nixon in Kaoshiung, Taiwan.


Be it a quiet spot in the centre of the city or difficult-to-get-to places in the sea, Asia’s Best Kept Secrets will bring you places… mostly well-hidden, but intrinsically well-worth discovering.


Availability: Australia, New Zealand and Latin America only