Director/s: Katherine Aigne Runtime: 50' Country/s: Australia Year: 2009 Language/s: English IMDB: Released: Australia, Iran, Japan

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Australian Atomic Confessions reveals the compelling unknown story of the 12 British atomic bomb tests in Australia seen through the eyes of Aboriginal elders, atomic ex-veterans, experts and the Premier of South Australia. “That uranium belongs to us” says Uncle Kevin, “we knew about that long before the white man came here, it’s our responsibility, it’s part of the Dreamtime…”


With the building of a new 500 million dollar nuclear reactor in a Sydney suburb, the expansion of more multi-national uranium mines, the associated poisoning of the Great Artesian Basin – a pristine natural water reservoir under the desert – and the community opposition to having an international nuclear waste repository ‘in our backyard’, the fight is on … which future will we choose?


“My two grandchildren have spina bifida and my daughter also has cancer … I’m just wondering if it comes from those tests,” an ex-veteran widow asks. Australian Atomic Confessions – a film everyone should see.