Entries by Galloping Films

Force of Destiny

Logline A journey of love on a transplant waiting list.   Synopsis Robert lives alone surrounded by his sculptures. He is close to his daughter Poppy, but has an unresolved relationship with Hannah from whom he is separated. The family is stunned when Robert is diagnosed with cancer of the liver and six months to […]

Jug Band Hokum

Logline Experience The Crazy Synopsis Quirky, funny and downright bizarre, the film stars Anne Baggenstoss, Brooklynd Turner, Lil’ Majesty and Amnesia Starr. It follows the eccentric lives of musicians competing to win a broken waffle iron in the 33rd Annual Minneapolis Battle of the Jug Bands. The film features guest appearances by Garrison Keillor (of Prairie […]

I Am Dracula

Logline The film investigates the history and bloodline of the real Dracula.   Synopsis Dracula. The name invokes the same common images: coffins, crucifixes, sharp fangs, blood. In literature, film and television the man as monster has seduced people all over the world with his story of murder and blood lust. Whilst it is well-known […]

Brawl in the Bronx

Synopsis This documentary follows the little seen and less heralded wrestlers of the Bronx Wrestling Federation (BWF). With names like “John Knockout,” “Jo Smooth” and “Caveman” these wrestlers struggle to make it big and pursue their love of professional wrestling, at a place where sports and entertainment intersect.

Sooly & Gooly

Synopsis In a beautiful valley live Sooly and Gooly, a brother and sister, who try to understand the wonderful world around them with the help of Saul the owl, their old and wise friend.   Together they travel through space and time, learn how the world works and also conduct interesting scientific experiments – sometimes […]

Flip & Gomby

Synopsis In a meadow live Flip & Gomby, two cute rodents. Gomby is the older and he lives in a hole in the ground where he has his workshop and invents machines. Flip is younger and lives in a tree. He enjoys gazing at the world through his telescope and taking care of his mushroom garden.   […]

The Absent

Logline A High School teacher falls for his prize student and loses his mind.   Synopsis Twin brothers Vincent and Oscar Burton are only 10 years old when Oscar finds out his parents are trying to kill them for insurance money. Oscar tries to protect himself and his twin and makes a breakfast that will […]

Kangaroo Island

Synopsis Join a group of Australians as they embark on the adventure of travelling to one of the world’s last unspoiled wildernesses, Kangaroo Island.   Over 7 spectacular days, this group make their way around the entire island and on the way participate in deep sea fishing, swimming with dolphins, adventure caving, quad biking and […]

Into the Realms of Shangrila

Synopsis This journey off the beaten track offers a rare glimpse of a distant world unchanged for thousands of years. Journey and venture out into the remote Tibetan Plateau designated as Shangri-La by the Chinese, and pictured as the untouched paradise in James Hilton’s novel “Lost Horizon.” Travel into a Tibetan valley of snow-capped mountains […]

Highlights of The Heysen

Synopsis The Heysen Trail, one of the world’s great long distance walking trails, passes through some of Australia’s most diverse & breathtaking landscapes. It traverses coastal areas, native bushland, rugged gorges, pine forests and vineyards, as well as rich farmland and historic towns. The Heysen Trail is a 1,200 km walking trail in South Australia that […]

Australia to Everest

Synopsis An inexperienced trekking group embarks on the journey of a lifetime to the doorstep of the world’s tallest peak! The documentary focuses on 13 people as they make their way to the Mt Everest base camp as well as to the summit of Kala Pattar for uninterrupted views of Mt Everest.   From the […]