Genre: Historical/Social Director/s: Ryan Owen Eddleston Cast: Princess Brianna Caradja Runtime: 52' & 80' Country/s: United Kingdom Year: 2016 Producer/s: Daniel Lyddon Language/s: English, Romanian Budget: $200,000 IMDB:

The film investigates the history and bloodline of the real Dracula.


Dracula. The name invokes the same common images: coffins, crucifixes, sharp fangs, blood. In literature, film and television the man as monster has seduced people all over the world with his story of murder and blood lust. Whilst it is well-known that Bram Stoker based his fictional Count on a 15th century Romanian prince, what happened to the Dracula line afterwards is unclear. Among the people in Romania cashing in on the Dracula dollar there are some who claim to be the descendants of the historical vampire. Though no direct lineage is known to exist, how close can we get to the bloodline of the original Count Dracula?