Genre: Children/Pets Director/s: Kieron Smedley Cast: The Smedley family Runtime: 13x30’ Country/s: Australia Year: 2010 Producer/s: Kieron Smedley Language/s: English Format: HD

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The Smedley family runs Cooberrie Park, a wildlife sanctuary located in the small seaside town of Yeppoon in Queensland, Australia. Follow the stories of baby animals that are born and raised at Cooberrie Park. Watch as the animal rangers take care of many sick, injured and orphaned wildlife that get taken into the sanctuary for care each year. And get introduced to the wonderful and fascinating wildlife that call Cooberrie Park home.


We will get to meet Risky, the koala baby who was abandoned by his mum at 6 months old and then raised at Cooberrie Park. Watch as Berrie, the critically endangered cassowary, hatches and is then raised. Follow the story of Sammy, the baby wallaroo, as he starts off living in his mum’s pouch and then develops into a 50 kilo animal. Cooberrie Park is a great series for children.