Director/s: Raimundo García Cast: Rodolfo Sancho ("To Love is Forever"), Kira Miró ("Desesperado Club Social") Runtime: 85' Country/s: Spain Year: 2007 Language/s: Spanish IMDB: Official Website: Subtitles: English Festivals: Winner Best Feature. 2007 Orlando Film Festival
Winner Best Actress. 2007 Orlando Film Festival
Winner Best Foreign Film. 2008 Atlanta Underground Festival
Winner Best Comedy. 2007 Montezuma Int'l Film Festival
Released: Spain, France, United States

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A commune of anarchist squatters is violently evicted from their “cultural centre” thanks to an overzealous reporter. A reckless car chase leads them to the doors of the Cuban Embassy in Madrid where a media frenzy has begun following Fidel Castro’s announcement of Cuba’s first democratic elections. The group lock the doors of the building and embark upon an “ideological occupation” of the Cuban Embassy.


Aided by a diplomat and Cuba’s political upheaval, they create an international scandal in this outrageous comedy which pokes fun at Fidel Castro, the Cuban revolution, the squatter movement, the media and the police.