Director/s: Christian Liffers Runtime: 84’ Country/s: Germany Year: 2007 Language/s: Spanish IMDB: Official Website: Subtitles: English Festivals: Winner Best Score, 2007 Moondance Int'l Film Festival
Winner Best Documentary, 2007 LesGai Cine
Winner 5th Ideology Cola, 2007 Festival Int'l Cine Pobre
Released: Germany, Taiwan

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In Cuba there is no gay scene – not even in the city of Havana, which has 3 million inhabitants. If meeting places emerge in the state-owned pubs and cafés, they are immediately closed by the government. Therefore a system of clandestine and private meeting points have been organised which prevents government action by daily location changes.


The “fiestas particulares”, privately organised parties, play an important role: up to 300 people assemble in gardens of private villas in the suburbs of Havana to celebrate exuberant parties. In addition to this, there is of course the six-kilometres-long Malecón, the waterfront of Havana and its most important meeting point at night.