Genre: Sci-Fi Director/s: A.K. Strom Cast: Kirsten Rebekah Strom, Karlton Laing Runtime: 85' Country/s: New Zealand Year: 2016 Producer/s: A.K. Strom Language/s: English IMDB: Official Website:


What would you do if you had nightmares of disasters and they started coming true?



A teenager nightmares of natural disasters one by one they are start coming true. But then, her nightmares get worse: giant asteroids and massive solar flares begin to haunt her visions about Earth’s end. When she sees mysterious beings marching through the tunnels behind her house and her aunt begins to act strangely, she wonders if they are related to her nightmares, and if there is a way that she can help stop these world-ending disasters before it is too late.