Director/s: Martin Simpson ("A Girl Like U") Cast: Ayse Tezel ("Court of Lonely Royals"), Jak Wyld ("Travis Jenkins") Runtime: 85' Country/s: Australia Year: 2006 Writer/s: Martin Simpson Budget: $1.5m IMDB: Official Website:


Will the invention of a method to cure cancer cost the life of its inventor?


Maverick research scientist Tom Gray’s discovers the gene that will cure cancer. Convinced by the young nurse he is falling in love with that his breakthrough may be the last chance to save the life of a dying boy on her ward, Tom prematurely uses his material on the child with breathtaking success.


When the news reaches the head of his Institute, rather than being reprimanded, Tom finds his discovery being taken over by a large pharmaceutical company. Too late, Tom is led by the theft of his research material to discover the flaw in his creation — a brain tumour that results in violent behaviour. His attempt to get the Gene-X of his creation back in the bottle is met with a cover-up that will cost him his job, and others, their lives.