Director/s: Jennifer Ussi Cast: Kerith Atkinson ("Mako Mermaids"), Tristan Barr ("Monster Pies"), Carol Burns ("Strikebound"), Veronica Neave ("The Boys") Runtime: 90' Country/s: Australia Year: 2010 Language/s: English IMDB: Official Website:

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Christine wakes up one ordinary day to find that her biological clock has gone off with a vengeance.


Christine, Miki and Margo have been friends for 20 years, chatting, gossiping and laughing non-stop through the joys and troubles of marriage, boyfriends, careers, babies and now, age spots and all. Miki’s vaguely visible laughter lines have taken Grand Canyon-like proportions in her mind, Margo is desperately trying to empty her nest. And Christine’s just lost it completely and suddenly, urgently, absolutely, wants a BABY.


Christine shuns anonymous donation, her ex boyfriend shuns her, adoption is not on the cards, and all this as her biological clock ticks frantically screaming for fruition and time threatens to run out before the unavoidable malady called MENOPAUSE. But finally she finds her Mr Perfect Donor. He doesn’t want a relationship, he’s tall, not bald, does not have a mental illness and is ready and willing. Unfortunately he dies minutes before they’re about to do the deed…


Film Review
“The twists are achingly funny because they’re grounded in reality – except perhaps for one brave scene that sets up the payoff. Jennifer Ussi’s direction is sure footed and mostly astute and credible, the technical are solid, while the original score and songs add to the accessibility of the film. It’s a life affirming comedy, and to its credit it’s based on some serious subjects, generating a complexity of emotional responses.”Andrew Urban, Urbancinefile

“Girl Clock! is that rare bird, a superb amalgam of both funny and painfully real vignettes, its most incisive insights ones that Ussi never allows to be glossed over or traded in for the sake of obvious laughs or cheap contrivances.” David O’Connell, Screen Fanatic.