Genre: Political/Social Director/s: Gerrard Williams Cast: Pietro Gian (“Focus”), Alexia Moyano (“El Prisionero Irlandés”), Dante Venesio (“The Matrix Revolution”) Runtime: 52' & 80’ Country/s: United Kingdom Year: 2012 Language/s: English Budget: $2.3m IMDB: Official Website: Released: Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, United States

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The biggest lie of the 20th century: Adolf Hitler’s suicide in Berlin in 1945.


History tells us that the most despised man of the 20th century, Adolf Hitler, and his wife Eva killed themselves in the hell of their bunker in Berlin in 1945. But across Argentina, in the files of the FBI and in the words of eyewitnesses, a different story appears, a story that will change everything we have ever been taught about Adolf Hitler and make it impossible to believe the official story about anything ever again.