Genre: Sci-Fi Director/s: Mike Heffernan
Animation Director: David Zwierzchaczewski (“The Adventures of Voopa the Goolash”)
Cast: Jack Black, Bruce Willis (wishlist) Runtime: 100’ Country/s: Australia Year: 2016-18 Writer/s: Zigolotti Producer/s: Brett Feeney (“Astro Boy”, Happy Feet”) Language/s: English Budget: $10m Animation: 3D

In a mind blowing high-tech afterlife, a gang of demons and sinners take on the Prince of Darkness.


Two young bank robbers are facing the horrors of eternal damnation in Hell when they get a chance to earn a ticket out. Along with nine demons and a fallen angel they sign up for a last ditch mission to save the Universe, and their own dirty rotten souls, from a psycho Prince of Darkness’ intent on annihilating “every last *!@#!!* atom in Creation!”