Runtime: 45x30' Country/s: Singapore Year: 2010 Language/s: English

The series focuses on Asian houses with a rich history and a tapestry, marked by each country’s unique cultural influences that are reflected in its architecture. We take the viewers into some of the most stylish and spacious houses in cities spanning Japan, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. From the ancient cities of India, to the kratons of Central Java, to contemporary-chic in the hub of Bangkok, we visit these “semi-castles” to detail the owners’ and architects’ takes on architecture and interior design, right down to the choice of artwork and tasteful personal collections.


Shot entirely on HD, this is a series that pays minute attention to lighting, composition and contrast. Each episode explores the richness of architectural philosophies and the most avant-garde theories of modern day interior design, without forgetting the whimsy of personal taste and style exhibited by each proud homeowner.