Genre: History, Cinema, War Director/s: Thomas Hamilton Cast: Isabella Rossellini, Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable Runtime: 52' & 84' Country/s: United Kingdom Year: 2016 Producer/s: Monty Montgomery, Thomas Hamilton, Derek Partridge & Alistair Wyllie Language/s: English Budget: $400,000 IMDB: Official Website: Festivals: Winner Silver Best Documentary, Chichester Film Festival Released: 2016

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Intimate and compelling look at the life and career of one of Hollywood’s most unique stars: Leslie Howard (1893-1943).



A revealing and compelling documentary on the life of a great, forgotten star of the 1930’s.  Leslie Howard was cinema’s quiet rebel.


The star of such classics as The Scarlet Pimpernel and Gone with the Wind, yet one whose yearning for independence propelled him to a unique role in WWW2 – as an inspirational figurehead for the British war effort.