Genre: Art Director/s: Polly Watkins Runtime: 52' Country/s: Australia Year: 2009 Producer/s: Beth Frey and James Frankham

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The challenge to complete the Sagrada Familia according to Gaudi’s vision is revealed by the architects and artisans who have spent years of their lives immersed in unlocking Gaudi’s inner imagination.



Construction began on La Sagrada Familia in 1883, but after architect Antonio Gaudi’s death and the Spanish Civil War, the building languished for nearly a century. In 1979, Melbourne architect Mark Burry awash given the chance to crack the code needed to complete Gaudi’s masterpiece. He used aeronautical software to unlock Gaudi’s design strategy and pioneered the use of digital technology now radically changing the way architecture is conceived and visualised.


Now the famously unfinishable building is nearing completion and represents one of the most outstanding technical achievements of modern time.