Genre: Romantic Comedy Director/s: Florian Habicht (“Pulp: Life, Death and Supermarkets”) Cast: Florian Habicht, Masha Yakovenko (“Something Fun”) Runtime: 94' Country/s: New Zealand Year: 2011 Language/s: English Budget: $1.5m IMDB: Official Website: Festivals: Winner Best Feature, NZ Film & TV Awards 2012
Winner Best Director, NZ Film & TV Awards 2012
Winner Best Editor, NZ Film & TV Awards 2012
Audience Favourite Award, Pluk de Nacht Outdoor Film 2013
Released: Australia, New Zealand

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New York is the backdrop, inspiration and co-creator of this funny and passionate meta-fictional romance.


New York in the summer is a wonderful place to fall in love. Florian meets a mysterious woman holding a piece of cake at a train station. He then asks strangers on the streets what this could mean. With a resounding ‘cake’ means ‘seduction’ coming from the interviewees, Florian casts her opposite him in a unique take on the romantic comedy genre. The pair begins to act out a love story film, with the twist that each scene in the story is suggested by everyday people interviewed by Florian on the streets and cafes of New York.

Film Review
“Habicht emerges as the funniest and most loveable kiwi to hit New York since Flight of the Conchords.” - Variety
“The sweetest romance since Before Sunrise” – Filmmaker Magazine
" of the wittiest and most delightful films of this or any year. This deserves to become a Kiwi classic - and a NY one, too." 5 stars, Peter Calder, NZ HeraldFangoria