Director/s: Philip Rainford Runtime: 52’ & 96’ Country/s: Australia Year: 2007 Producer/s: Gail Blundell Language/s: English IMDB:

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With obesity being the fastest growing epidemic in world history, increasing not only in the elderly but also in young people, everyone is at risk. Are dangerous substances in our food supply and the over consumption of certain food substances killing us? Is our diet one of the main underlying causes of most life threatening and disabling diseases in Western society today? Are the next generation of children likely to have a lower life expectancy than their parents? The evidence indicated the answer is yes!


Mask of Deception is a documentary where leading researchers, doctors, health officials, nutritionists and university professors uncover the truth concealed behind a mask of deception to preserve corporate profits of both the food industry and the medical industry. Although this film uses Australian and New Zealand examples, it is a worldwide problem of relevance to all ages.