Director/s: Alan Jonsson ("La Carga") Cast: Ianis Guerrero ("The Stray Cat"), Ignacio Tarso ("Macario") Runtime: 92' Country/s: Mexico Year: 2008 Producer/s: Alan Jonsson and Ozcar Ramírez Language/s: Spanish Budget: $2.5m IMDB: Subtitles: English Festivals: Winner Best Screenplay, 2009 LA Latino Int'l Film Festival
Winner Honorable Mention, 2009 Bogota Film Festival
Winner New Visions Award, 2008 Bahamas Int'l Film Festival
Released: United States

Desperate to save his family from death threats by a notorious drug dealer, Mateo Cruz steals the venerated image of the Virgin of Guadalupe causing pandemonium throughout Mexico.



When his grandfather falls ill and needs an urgent surgery, Mateo, a young painter and an expert trainer of carrier pigeons, sells 42 pigeons to a dangerous Tijuana drug trafficker named “El Pinto,” in order to pay for the operation. However, the pigeons fail El Pinto, causing him to lose millions, and the drug dealer comes to Mateo with an ultimatum: recover the money in five days or his family will die. And in order to retrieve the money, Mateo will do something that tests the faith of his entire country…