New acquisition: the family film “THANKS FOR BEING MY FRIEND” aka “GRACIAS POR SER MI AMIGO.”

We are delighted to represent internationally Mexico’s director Jose Gerardo Ocampo’s feel-good film GRACIAS POR SER MI AMIGO. The film was produced and performed by his cinema students adding to the ‘authenticity’ of the storyline and acting.

Yael, kind and innocent, seeks to fit in with his new group of high school students. He targets José Luis, the most rebellious and aggressive of all. Although Jos é Luis rejects him constantly, Yael discovers in him a boy with a big heart and decides not to give up until he gets his friendship. Very soon José Luis will realize that Yael’s arrival at his school will mark his life forever.

For more information click on gallopingfilms.com/thanks-for-being-my-friend

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