Genre: Romance/Gay Director/s: Stefan Popescu (“Rosebery 7470”) Cast: Emily Stewart (“Blue Lies”, “Instant Karma”), Marty Rhone (“Rise”, “Happy Melancholy”) Runtime: 90' Country/s: Australia/Canada Year: 2010 Producer/s: Katherine Berger Language/s: English Budget: $1m IMDB: Official Website: Festivals: Official Selection, London Underground Film Festival 2010
Official Selection, Buffalo Niagara Film Festival 2011
Official Selection, New York International Film Festival 2011
Released: United States, Canada

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A sensual and gritty journey through the depths of desire.


Sarah is a vulnerable young filmmaker who ventures into the wilds of arctic Canada. Desperate to leave her old self behind, her life is changed when she meets alluring Lyndsay who becomes her muse, confidante and pretty soon her lover. Whilst Lyndsay and Sarah become consumed with each other, the people closest to them become consumed with lust, betrayal and revenge.