Genre: Drama/Music Director/s: Jeremy Stanford (“Silversun”, “Compo”) Cast: Greg Stone (“Oranges and Sunshine”), Lulu McClatchy (“Aquamarine”), Annie Stanford (“Wednesdays”) Runtime: 85' Country/s: Australia Year: 2013 Language/s: English Budget: $2m IMDB: Festivals: Winner Best Actor, Indie Gems
Winner Best Supporting Actor, Indie Gems
Winner Best Screenplay, Indie Gems
Winner Best Music, Indie Gems

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A rock’n’roll comedy about a band’s rocky road to musical heaven.


An aging guitarist looks to revive his former legendary status in this Australian feel-good comedy. With his glory days behind him, he forms a new band of hopefuls – The Sunset Six.


The band is his last chance of landing the record deal that will get him back in the game. But with the band falling apart and their first big gig imminent, can Riff keep the band on the rails?