Genre: Drama Director/s: Joseph Rassulo (“They Would Love You in France”) Cast: Janina Ganvakar (“True Blood”), Linsey Bartilson (“Extra Butter Please”), Corin Nemec (“Rise of the Dinosaurs”) Runtime: 82' Country/s: United States Year: 2008 Writer/s: Arnold Margolin (“The Adventures of Mary-Kate”)
Joseph Rassulo
Language/s: English Budget: $1.1m IMDB: Released: United States

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Five Men, Five Loves, Their Lives.


Jimmy is accused of molesting his girlfriend, Dennis has an affair with his daughter’s babysitter, Jordan discovers he may not be the biological father of his daughter, Harry sadistically abuses his girlfriend and Ben loses a custody battle. All five stories intersect as each man tries to salvage what is left of their “shattered” lives.