Director/s: Tim Hunter Runtime: 24' Country/s: Australia Language/s: English Festivals: Official Selection, Melbourne Queer Festival 2005 Released: Australia, United Kingdom

Speedos, budgie-smugglers, dick-stickers, togs or sluggos – whatever you call them; racing briefs, bikinis, trunks, or g-strings – however you wear them, they’re often linked to gay men. It’s the seductiveness of the style, the sexiness of the fabric, the tease of tightly-packed lunch and bums in these figure-hugging bathers, leaving just enough to the imagination.


Through a collection of interviews with Speedo lovers, this documentary explores the appeal of these minimal pieces of Lycra, their role in body image, and their inherent link to gay men and gay culture. Beyond competition swimming and diving, are Speedos just a gay thing or something more? Is it a fetish, legitimate sportswear, or just well-packed lunch?