Director/s: Michael Frank Cast: Nammi Le ("Carless Love"), Allison Cratchley ("All Saints") Runtime: 117' Country/s: Australia Year: 2006 Language/s: Vietnamese, English Festivals: Winner Awgie Best Script Award, 2005 Australia Writer's Guild Released: Australia, New Zealand

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Set in a Vietnamese populated suburb of Sydney, Australia, this is the story of an Asian gang trying to make a life for themselves. It’s a moving and emotional journey where the strength to the human spirit is often the only hope they have in their intertwined lives.


Each is on a path of discovery fighting for a level of existence that most of us take for granted: a roof over their head, a warm meal, new clothes, a job. Every city has its heartbreaking stories and these young lives hit levels of desperation that we pray no one ever has to reach. Dac Kien, Lanh, Trinh and Lucy and their friends are more than just kids living on the street. They are family who cannot survive without each other’s support. They will soon discover the true meaning of friendship and loyalty.