Genre: Drama Director/s: Michael Ray Fox (“Film Amateura”) Cast: Rhys Bevan-John (“Roller Town”), Cory Bowles (“Copperhead”), Ryan Doucette (“Cloudburst”) Runtime: 96' Country/s: Canada Year: 2013 Language/s: English Budget: $2m IMDB: Festivals: Winner Best Film 2013 Toronto Independent Film Festival
Winner Outstanding Performance - Male, 2013 ACTRA Awards
Nominated Outstanding Performance- Female, 2013 ACTRA Awards
Released: Canada

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In a world of e-communication, who really connects?


A socially introverted game designer, William has barely left his house in years. Once reunited with Olivia, the girl he had loved since high school, he fights to live with his condition of undiagnosed Autism.

Film Review
“Fox does a solid job with the direction, keeping the pace and storyline moving, and offering slow tender moments when needed. The entire cinematic experience reminded me very much of perfectly paced and emotionally charged “Dear Frankie“. Roaming is about much more than the perspective of adulthood, relationships and life as a whole when living with autism. It offers us the option to reflect on ourselves, how we relate and communicate with others.” Chantelle Joy Otto, Indimovies