Director/s: Abigail Honor Runtime: 71' Country/s: United States Year: 2004 Producer/s: Yan Vizinberg & Abigail Honour Language/s: English IMDB: Official Website:

After living together for 7 years in a seemingly accepting community in New York City, Edward DeBonis and Vincent Maniscalco decide to get married. But unlike many other gay couples who formalize their relationship in a domestic union, Vincent and Edward, both devout Catholics, will settle for nothing short of the “Holy Sacrament of Marriage.”


Determined to celebrate their relationship on their terms, the couple presses on with the preparations. Invitations to the wedding provoke previously supportive family members to voice their true feelings. Fears of going to hell for receiving communion from a gay priest and the possibility of being kicked out of their local church for participating in the ceremony rise to the surface as the wedding day approaches.


As America just now accepted gay and lesbian unions, “Saints and Sinners” explores the social, political and religious aspects of same-sex marriage and examines its effect on American society.