Director/s: Ran Brenner & Yosi Leon Runtime: 50’ Country/s: Israel Year: 2007 Language/s: Hebrew Subtitles: English

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‘Song of Life’ follows the Israeli Philharmonia Singers choir on a tour to Poland where they perform at the ceremony commemorating 60 years since the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp. During the rehearsal in Tel Aviv, they sing the famous requiem by Verdi.


76 year-old Greta Klinsberg, who has just joined the choir, sang this requiem 62 years before, as a child in the ghetto of Terezienstadt. Then she was sent to Auschwitz with her sister, who was murdered there. Greta’s story is gradually revealed in the films, which includes rare black & white footage shot in the ghetto.


Illustrated by the choir’s heavenly singing, this is a film about music and the power it can bestow.