Genre: Romantic Comedy Director/s: Roberto Mitrotti Cast: Margaret Colin ("Independence Day"), Lydia Hearst ("Cabin Fever: Patient Zero"), Adam LaVorgna ("7th Heaven") Runtime: 102' Country/s: United States Year: 2015 Writer/s: Linda Howard & Roberto Mitrotti Producer/s: Carmen Rubio & Roberto Mitrotti IMDB: Festivals: Winner Best Director, 2015 Int'l Film Festival of Manhattan
Winner Best Actress, 2015 Int'l Film Festival of Manhattan
Released: Lifetime TV (internationally)

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A compulsive thief of designer clothing is forced into a brutal rehabilitation program with a frumpy heiress and court appointed psychologist.



Giorgio believes that wearing the right “look” is the means to rise above one’s condition and shoplifting is the only way he knows. Giorgio is apprehended, goes to jail and in order to get out he agrees to a rehabilitation program with Chanel Borden, a young badly dressed New York heiress, arrogant about her wealth and breeding and obsessed about getting her PHD. Sparks fly as they reluctantly fall for each other and he discovers the designer buried within.