Genre: Comedy/Family Director/s: Timothy Bond Cast: Dean Cain ("God's Not Dead"), Rachel Blanchard ("Snakes on the Plane"), George Buza ("Diary of the Dead") Runtime: 88' Country/s: Canada Year: 2011 Writer/s: Tom Amundsen, Rickie Castaneda Producer/s: Marek Posival Language/s: English IMDB:


A greedy business mogul is still bitter about not receiving the presents he wanted as a child, so decides to sue Santa Claus.



Struggling single dad and lawyer Michael discovers Christmas spirit as he defends Kris Cringle when tycoon Braxton Bennett threatens to take over Christmas and shut down the North Pole with a high profile lawsuit. While helping “Kris” Michael discovers how faith and family can turn even the most hopeless of situations around and finds the love he’s been searching for was right under his nose.


Available Territories: Germany, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand

Rights: Daro Film Distribution