Director/s: Maryella Hatfield Runtime: 46' Country/s: Australia Year: 2009 Producer/s: Lisa Duff Language/s: English IMDB: Official Website: Festivals: Official Selection, Festival International du Film D'Environment, 2009 Released: Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States Format: HD

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Australia has one of the world’s largest renewable energy resources. A number of Australians are world leaders in the field of renewable energy and sustainable solutions. They are serious about creating clean energy options that will make a big difference. Some draw energy and inspiration from nature in their clean technology designs.


Dr Tim Finnigan uses bio-mimicry, or “innovation inspired by nature”, to design his ocean power systems. Dr Robert Dane modeled the design for his Solar Sailor boat on the shape of insects’ wings. Dr David Mills and Prof, Graham Morrison’s solar thermal technology is pitched as the clean alternative to coal and nuclear power. Dr Zhengrong Shi’s solar cell research has made him the world’s second largest solar panel supplier. Dr Keith Lovegrove has developed a thermo chemical process that stores solar energy for use in commercial power stations.