Genre: Psychological Thriller Director/s: Emiliano Galigani Cast: Douglas Dean ("The Best Offer", "Rome"), Manuela Parodi ("A Summer in Genoa") Runtime: 92' Country/s: Italy Year: 2015 Writer/s: Emiliano Galigani Producer/s: Edoardo Marazita and Emiliano Galigani Language/s: English IMDB: Official Website: Festivals: Winner Best Production, 2015 Manchester Film Festival Released: Italy

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What if a tale that everyone knows turns into a nightmare? Based on the life of Charles L. Dodgson, the author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.



London, 1892. Defendant 47 is on trial. His judge and lawyers are asking him questions he apparently cannot answer. He only can remember a few details, where he’s been lately, and glimpses of the past. De­fendant 47 slowly starts remembering. His name is Charles Dee. He’s a mathemati­cian who runs a photography studio. He now remembers that his preferred subject were children and how through them he met El­len Rhodes, the one who will bring him to a dark end.