Director/s: Juliet Lamont Runtime: 52' Country/s: Australia Year: 2009 Language/s: English IMDB: Festivals: Nominated, Best Feature Length Documentary, 2010 Australia Film Institute
Nominated, Best Music for a Documentary, 2010 Screen Music Awards, Australia

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In 1978 Jimmy Graham went to Antarctica with Operation Deepfreeze to train scientists in survival skills on the ice. He left in December of that year. Three months later he arrived back agitated and paranoid. He said that he had stumbled onto an illegal American nuclear site and that the CIA had given him a chemical lobotomy. He descended into madness.


Unable to cope with his frightening behaviour, his wife fled with their two children. Now, 30 years later, his daughter Juliet will try to uncover the truth and reconnect with what’s left of the man she called her father.