Genre: Social/Music Director/s: Tamas Wormser Runtime: 52’ & 93’ Country/s: Canada Year: 2015 Language/s: English, French, Yiddish, Ladino, Ugandan, Hebrew IMDB: Official Website: Subtitles: English & French Festivals: Official Selection RIDM (Montreal)
Official Selection AICE Israeli Film Fest (Australia)
Official Selection Miami, Jewish Film Festival
Official Selection Jerusalem, Jewish Film Festival
Official Selection Greater Phoenix, Jewish Film Festival
Released: Canada

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This is a vibrant array of musical interpretations of Jewish identities, from ram’s horn to beatbox, from Uganda to Argentina.



In an alternative Argentinean bar, two friends play tango-infused klezmer. In rural Uganda, villagers chant Hebrew prayers in East African harmonies. At a Montreal party, an artist mixes hip-hop and jazz with cantorial singing in a multilingual tour de force. In a Berlin apartment, an American harmonizes with a Russian friend in a rendition of an anti-Zionist song from the 1920’s. Shattering stereotypes and upending expectations, the film attends to the birth of a dynamic new Jewish music.