Genre: Sci-Fi Director/s: Marco Pavone Runtime: 1x90' & 12x12' Country/s: Italy Year: 2017 Writer/s: Marco Pavone Producer/s: Marco Pavone Language/s: English Released: Available Territories: Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Africa Music: Luna Shooting Gauge: 16:9


The most cruel animal is the human being.



In a future where natural disasters have provoked the worst catastrophes to humanity due to global warming, governments have created a huge natural reserve, evacuating humanity below the Tropic of Cancer. Years later, they send a spy to investigate rumors that a few humans remained in the reserve, have become primitives, survived organized in tribes and are devoid of moral scruples. Murder is a simple option. They are organized in small tribes: the SKULLS, the YELLOW EYES, the MEN-BIRD and the MEN-MADRILLO, the most feared. But the most ruthless and bloodthirsty inhabitant of the Great South is Vic, a 9 year old kid, who lives alone with old grandpa on the tree.