Genre: Wine History Director/s: Rick Cavaggion (“Why Me”, “Son of Romeo”) Cast: Charles Mayer (“IP Man2”, “Goodbye Shanghai”), Roger Newcombe (“Justice Squad”, “Roadman”) Runtime: 50’ Country/s: Australia Year: 2014 Language/s: English Budget: $500,000 Official Website: Festivals: Winner Finalist at the 2015 New York Film Awards
Official Selection at the 2015 Las Vegas Film Awards
Released: Australia

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The Australian wine revolution began not in the Barossa, not in the Hunter Valley, but in Marion, South Australia.

Synopsis Richard Hamilton, a vigneron, arrived in Australia in the 18th century and started a winemaking dynasty that still flourishes today. Sydney Hamilton was obsessed with perfecting his legendary Ewell Moselle wine and in the 1940’s she introduced a refrigerated cellar. It was a first in Australia and the results were so startlingly good that the idea caught on, causing a sea change in Australian wine making.