Director/s: Sridhar Rangayanr ("68 Pages", "Purple Skies") Cast: Ikhlaq Khan ("Dasvidaniya"), Prateek Gandhi ("Bey Yaar") Runtime: 86' Country/s: United Kingdom Year: 2006 Language/s: English IMDB:

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Ravi & Paul, two friends from Leicester, end up attending a gay party in the small Indian town of Shimoga, upon an invitation of Ravi’s Parsee email-pal Jeh from Mumbai. A genteel dreamer, Ravi instantly falls in love with Mani – a dark & handsome local working man. Ravi and Paul also meet an older male couple, Murthy & Anna, now in their sixties.


Murthy has lived in the UK to avoid marriage. Interspersed with flashes of semi-surreal situations – presented through exciting dream sequences – Yours Emotionally ! unfolds a brightly painted canvas that explores contrasting values within Indian & Western gay sub-cultures.