Genre: Docu-Drama Director/s: Josef Roman Luszpinski & Pawel Siedlik Runtime: 52' & 82' Country/s: Germany & Poland Year: 2018 Writer/s: Josef Roman Luszpinski & Pawel Siedlik Producer/s: Josef Luszpinski Language/s: Silent IMDB: Subtitles: English, French, German, Polish, Released: 2018


“101” is a reverence to Abel Gance’s film “J’accuse!,” one of the most important anti-war films in history.



This docu-drama was structured as a ‘silent film’ in honour of  Abel Gance’s film “J’accuse! The battle of Tannenberg was fought in 1914 in East Prussia between the Germans and the Russians. It ended in victory for the Germans. The commander-in-chief of the German army, Paul von Hindenburg, would go down in history a the “victor of Tannenberg” because the German command decided to name the battle after the village of Tannenberg, which was located close to where the fighting actually took place. In this way, the Germans were trying to debunk the history of a defeat they had suffered in the first Battle of Tannenberg more than 500 years earlier in 1410.