Genre: Science & History Director/s: Marcin Jamkowski & Konstanty Kulik Runtime: 72' Country/s: Poland Producer/s: Dorota Roszkowska Language/s: Polish Budget: €250,000 IMDB: Official Website: Subtitles: English


An adventure journey into European past through the discovery of sunken treasures.



In the XVII century, soldiers of Sweden’s Charles X Gustav Vasa invaded Poland and robbed everything, especially the works of art. Parts of architecture from Warsaw residences, even floor tiles were put on barges that went across the Baltic Sea to be used at Swedish palaces and churches. Some of the boats were overloaded and sunk nearby Warsaw. The memory of stolen treasures became an urban legend. A three-year-long expedition organized by the University of Warsaw found one of the sunken barges. A team of scientists pull out hundreds of valuable architectonic elements. Discovered treasures are the only art objects saved from 17th century Warsaw.